Avid travellers are always seeking out ways to embark on their next destination getaway. So, to provide a little inspiration for your next trip of a lifetime, check out these interesting ways to experience Destination Guyana… from the comfort of your own home.

Primal Survivor: Escape the Amazon

Guyana remains uncharted territory for the average non-native man, boasting over 80% forest cover from one of only four primary rainforests in the world. Perhaps it comes as no surprise then that this mysterious land of dense jungle and hidden corners were the inspiration behind Survivalist Hazen Azudel’s latest expedition. Touted as one of the toughest challenges of his life, this 5-part National Geographic series – Primal Survivor: Escape the Amazon promises nature in its truest form. 

Fighting his way through 500 miles of unexplored rainforests using only traditional survival techniques, Hazen faces a sequence of some of the most extreme wilderness conditions. More importantly, as the rainy season creeps up on him, he must reach the Atlantic Coast before he is trapped by floods! 

You can watch this adrenaline-fueled documentary on National Geographic & Disney +. 

Explorer: The Last Tepui

Guyana recently gained even more international coverage through another National Geographic feature – Explorer: The Last Tepui which has captured the true essence of Guyana’s tourism landscape; its unequivocal beauty and pristineness that is worthy of praise.

This documentary follows expert climber Alex Honnold and a world-class team led by Mark Synnot, Renan Ozturk and a team of filmmakers on an intense mission deep within the pristine rainforests of Guyana as they attempt a first-ascent climb of a 1,000ft cliff known as the ‘island in the sky’. Their motivation? To support world-renowned scientist Dr Bruce Means on his quest to find a new species of the Stefania frog. Did they find it? Well, you’ll just have to watch to find out.

To learn more about Tepui’s unique biodiversity and why they are worth protecting, you can watch this documentary on National Geographic & Disney +.


Dylan Efron in Guyana

Dylan Efron continues to live adventurously in his most recent YouTube series, exploring a country defined by its people, culture and stunning rainforest. Yes, you guessed it, Guyana! From Georgetown to Kaieteur, Dylan makes you feel like you are right there with him. Throughout his series, he is not just your guide, but he manages to tap into that wanderlust hidden deep within you as you journey with him. More importantly, Dylan continuously highlights the importance of conservational and sustainable tourism efforts in Guyana – the economic incentives from tourism directly benefits host Indigenous communities. His series is a must-watch! 

You can watch Dylan Efron in Guyana on his social media platforms – YouTube, TikTok & Instagram

Gordon Ramsay Uncharted: Guyana’s Wild Jungles

With a slew of expert chefs constantly redefining what it means to enjoy Guyanese cooking, culinary tourism is certainly on the rise in Guyana.

In an hour-long National Geographic special – Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay voyages deep into the rainforests of Guyana to embark on one of the most amazing culinary experiences. Through the guidance of Chef Delven Adams, Gordon enjoys a fully experiential experience and creates his own take on traditional Guyanese cuisine.  Set in Rewa Village, Region 9, Gordon learns and demonstrates how to cook with black piranha, tries his hand at traditional Arowana fishing and of course marvels in the beauty of the Goliath Bird Eating Spider. 

You can watch Gordon Ramsay Uncharted on National Geographic. 

There are so many things to enjoy in Guyana and so many ways that you can do so. We look forward to welcoming you! 

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