Crestless Curassow

Also known as the Lesser Razor-billed Curassow, this species is found across much of the Guianan Shield. It can be found through the core of Guyana, reaching its southernmost limit near the city of Manaus in Brazil. The dense lowland forests are safe haunts for this species which can usually be found in close proximity to watercourses, forests in savannah, river islands, or seasonally flooded areas. The curassow’s voice is what gives it away even in the thick rainforests. It is a shy bird that is largely terrestrial, ensuring that it gets a constant supply of fruits. This bird safely retreats to a canopy when done with feeding. The sharp voice is loudest during the breeding period – the early wet season of Guyana. The Crestless Curassow is mostly black or dark blue and has a chestnut belly. Its red bill stands out in contrast.

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