Guide to Sport Fishing

Sport fishing adventures are best done with seasoned locals who know Guyana well. Arrive at the correct season and take their help for booking accommodation, transportation and equipment as well.
Between mid-October and mid-February are the best seasons for sport fishing in Guyana, as these are the driest months. November to January is the peak season, especially amid the southern savannahs. During late-February to April, the conditions are variable. May to August is rainy, and the rivers are swollen – not the best time to try your luck at fishing.
The best fishing tours in Guyana are organised by Navin Rooonarain of Adventure Guianas, Ashley Holland of Rupununi Drifters, Justin and Duane de Freitas of Rupununi Trails and at each individual eco-lodge mentioned earlier. Sign up early to secure a spot during the next fishing season.  Rewa, Surama, Caiman House, and Warapoka are some of the best locations for pacu.



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