Hilly Sand & Clay Areas

The hilly and sand clay region lies just below the coastal plains of the north. The entire north-eastern area of the country is bound by the thick rainforest in the south and the open wetland grasslands and mangroves to the north.  This hilly sand and clay region is home to a very unique food source – the Doka Tree. This remarkable plant bears a fig-like fruit that is favoured by many bird species. Take a trip and gain a chance to see the Red-breasted Blackbird, the Buff-necked Ibis, the Little Blue Heron and many other bird species. The Upper Demerara, East Berbice and parts of Pomeroon/Supernaam mark this area. Amongst the big junctions, Rockstone is a key town which offers access to many hilly sand and clay areas that are ideal for birding.

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