Interior Savannahs

The dual climate of the Rupununi Savannahs – dry grasslands and marshy wetlands after the seasonal rains – creates the perfect birdwatching opportunity for amateurs as well as seasoned bird enthusiasts. Hawks, falcons, caracaras, quail, flycatchers, Harpy Eagles, Guianan Cock-of-the-rock and Red Siskins hold sway during the dry periods. An array of water birds such as storks, ibises and ducks take the reins during the wet months. The rains also bring with it the opportunity to use slim boats to get close to the nesting grounds and observe the birds from up-close. Major locations for birders include Karasabai, Yupukari and Karanambu in the North Rupununi. Further south are Sand Creek village and Dadanawa, Wichabai, and Saddle Mountain Ranches in the South Rupununi, another major area where a wide array of birds can be seen including the rare Red Siskin.

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