Local Dishes

Cassava, split peas and lime are some of the most popular ingredients used in local Guyanese dishes. Cassava bread is a staple in Indigenous Communities and is often paired with pepper pot (often hailed as the ‘national dish of Guyana’), meat curries and vegetables. In Indian households, brown rice and dhal (a gravy dish made with split peas) are popularly served with masala-based curries and stewed local vegetables. The African community is well known for its contribution of cook-up rice, conke and foo foo. The European settlers’ contribution of garlic pork and a variety of pastries is now a staple in the Guyanese diet.  Cassava pone, pholourie, metemgee, farine based dishes, fried bora, salt fish and bake, fish cake and Indian bara are some of the other local dishes to try in Guyana.

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