Mount Roraima Trek

The only way to get to the top of Mount Roraima from Guyana is via helicopter or an extremely difficult rock climbing route for experts only.  There are, however, multiple ways to reach the base of Mount Roraima from within Guyana.  Indigenous villages like Paruima and Phillipai provide access into the waterfall-laden Lost World region. The rainforest and vegetation are very dense, but there are multi-day trekking routes to the base of the mountain and to Double Drop Falls and Ushi Falls. There is one trail to the top, which is accessible overland through Brazil on the Venezuela side of the mountain. This multi-day trek is considered to be one of the best in Latin America. It crosses savannah, rivers and thick cloud forest before reaching the summit at 2,700 metres. You can read more information on how you can experience Mount Roraima here.

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