Other Mountain Trails

  • Panorama Nature Trail
    The Panorama Nature trail is not your classic savannah Instead of the endless savannahs, you have a tree-shaded rocky trail which needs some muscle to get you up to the peak. But it is easy enough for both first timers and seasoned hikers, and a good option for an easy trek in Guyana. Hire a guide from the nearby Rockview Lodge so you do not miss out on learning about the variety of birds and plants found along this route.
  • Pakaraima Trails
    The Pakaraima Mountain Range affords myriad on-trail and off-trail hiking and trekking opportunities. While many visitors opt to tour this landscape via a 4×4 safari drive, those looking for adventure will be rewarded by travelling under through own power through dense forests and wide-open spaces, along mountain ridges, and from village to village in the more remote areas. There are also a number of shorter hiking trails in this region. For those who would like to experience these trails, ask a local tour operator to assist in choosing the routes that are ideal for your fitness level and sense of adventure.
  • Makarapan Mountain Trek
    Imagine standing on the top of a 3000 feet tall peak for a sweeping view of everything that Guyana has to offer – the virgin rainforest, the honey-coloured savannahs and rivers meandering through the landscape. This is what you can experience on the Makarapan Mountain Trek. This difficult trek starts from Rewa Eco-lodge and is a perfect 2-day activity filled with birdwatching, wildlife spotting and the thrill of negotiating the rocky, seldomly travelled route.
  • Karasabai Trails
    The village of Karasabai, found in the heart of the Southern Pakaraimas, is the perfect place to spend a day or two and explore the beautiful mountainous landscape that surrounds the village. The easiest and most popular hikes are to Saddleback Mountain, which has a cleared trail and a benab rest stop, and to a hidden swim hole at the base of a cascade on the other side of Saddleback Mountain. Karasabai is also a bird watching hotspot in the Pakaraimas. It is one of the few locations globally where the Sun Parakeet can be found. For more information on Karasabai, check out this blog.
  • Clarence Mountain Trail
    Aranaputa, at the base of the Pakaraimas, is the starting point of the seldom-travelled Clarence Mountain Trail. Clarence Mountain rises about 1600 feet, and its namesake trail features a mix of steep cliff-sides and rocky pathways.  Once at the top, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the North Rupununi savannahs.
  • Awarmie Mountain Trail
    This is one of the most scenic hikes in Guyana. The half-day tour starts at Rewa Eco-lodge and begins with a scenic 40-minute boat ride. Keep a lookout for giant otters en route to the trailhead. Although this hike involves a steep climb through the dense rainforest and over rocky terrain, it only takes about two hours and is family friendly. The peak offers a splendid view of the surrounding rainforests and Rupununi river. If you wish, you can even spend the night camping on the peak.


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