The virgin rainforests of Guyana cover most of the country’s geography. This landscape stretches from all the way in the north, to the southernmost tip of the country, largely occupying the core of the nation. Naturally, their density and diversity make for a perfect sanctuary for birds to nest. Treetops that stand hundreds of feet above the ground are home to a colourful array of harpy eagles, toucans, parrots, macaws, cotingas, woodpeckers and trumpeters. The otherworldly symphony of their calls will leave you spellbound as you hike through the forest.

A slice of northwest coastline offers forested patches around Warapoka, which is home to the harpy eagle.  Amongst the high forests is Kaieteur National Park, where you can spot the bright orange Guianan cock-of-the-rock. In the central rainforest, the Iwokrama Centre for Rainforest Conservation and areas around are ideal for birding. Further south is Dadanawa Ranch, another major area  where a wide array of birds can be seen.

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