Red Siskin

The now endangered Red Siskin was once found in abundance in parts of the Caribbean and tropical South American regions. In 2003, some hope was restored when large numbers were discovered in southern Guyana, amongst the Rupununi grasslands. But still, the total number of Red Siskins on earth is not likely to be more than 6000. Open country with pale grasslands, circled by forests and shrubs is the perfect habitat for these birds. Insects are abundant in the grasslands and provide a safe hideout amongst the nearby trees. The male Red Siskins can be identified by their deep red bodies, and contrasting black head, throat, feathers and tail tip. The females have grey heads, breast, and upper parts, apart from a red rump and upper tail.  Reddish flanks on their grey breast makes them distinguishable from the males. Ever since the Red Siskin’s population dropped, Guyana has been the research hotspot for many experts from around the world who are focused on saving it from extinction.

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