Sun Parakeet

Also known as the Sun Conure, the Sun Parakeet is a brightly coloured bird, native to South America. The golden-yellow plumage and orange-flushed face and belly make it one of the most striking birds to view in Guyana. As social birds, they live in flocks, but mate monogamously throughout their lifetime. They choose high canopies of tropical forests where fruit, nuts, seeds and insects are in abundance. Trapping these birds for plumage and the pet trade in the last few decades has made their population plummet. The birds are now considered endangered, therefore it is a fortunate moment if you spot one. But this has also given rise to conservation groups with a special focus on the sun parakeet.  As a result, they can be found in the dense rainforest areas of Guyana and are often sighted in the village of Karasabai.

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