Surama Village

Surama, one of the first Indigenous villages in Guyana to invest and embark on community-led and owned tourism, welcomed its first visitors in the late 1990s. The ecolodge and its four stilted cottages and block of four modern rooms lie at the edge of the Burro Burro River along with a landing that’s suitable for camping. There is a plethora of activities. You can take a village tour to learn more about Surama, stop by the local school and experience evening cultural presentations. The adjacent nature trail is good for birding and wildlife spotting. Deeper into the rainforest, jungle survival activities are offered. Take part in fishing on the Burro Burro River or travel to a nearby trail to spot the harpy eagle in its natural habitat. More adventurous travellers can go on a an extended dug-out canoe expedition along the Burro Burro River, camping on the riverbanks at night. From Georgetown to Surama Ecolodge via road, it is usually a 12-hour drive. If you want a faster option, a 1 1/2 hour flight can be booked with local air service providers, Air Services Limited or Trans Guyana Airways.

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