Other Villages

Other villages that have set an example are:

  • Yupukari Village
    Yupukari village in North Rupununi is one of the best places to see conservation tourism in action in Guyana. It is home to the Caiman House Field Station where active research is focused on preserving and measuring the growth of the black caiman population in this part of Guyana. Caiman tagging is a favoured activity among travellers to the village. During your stay in the rustic chic accommodation with local made furniture and beautiful stone walls and bathrooms, you can also learn more about the community’s turtle conservation project and social enterprise that connects local artisans with IKEA customers. This is a popular place in Guyana for nature enthusiasts.
  • Warapoka Village
    Warapoka is nestled within rich greenery along the Waini River near the coast. Found an hour’s boat ride from the Shell Beach Protected Area, Warapoka is one of the newer communities to embark on community-led and owned tourism in Guyana.  Its new ecolodge is quickly becoming known for its access to catch and release fly fishing activities, birding and wildlife spotting excursions. Several harpy eagle nests can be found not too far from the village, and if you’re lucky, one will be nesting during your visit. One thing you can guarantee is that your visit to this community will make a difference.
  • Wakapou Village
    For travellers looking for an even more intimate, authentic experience near Georgetown, the village of Wakapou delivers. This remote community is located in a scenic wetland and valley on a tributary of the Pomeroon River.  It offers very basic lodging, swimming, and a hike to what are believed to be fossilized whale bones. Be sure to partake in samples from the small-scale coffee production enterprise as well.
  • Victoria Village
    Located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast of Demerara, Victoria is often synonymous with the history of slave uprising in the north. It was the first village in Guyana to be bought by former slaves who gained their freedom in the 1800s. The historic buildings in town and the diversity of bird species that can be found within the thick mangroves that surround the village are a highlight. A visit to the Victoria Honey House for a bottle of locally-made honey is recommended as well.
  • Rockstone Village
    Located outside of Linden, Rockstone village is known for its great fishing, but other outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and birdwatching make this village a must visit for travellers and locals looking for weekend getaways. The annual Rockstone Fish Festival is testimony to the village’s love for fishing. Rockstone is also a short distance away from Gluck Island, a key birding area on the coastland.
  • Moraikobai Village
    The two Arawak words, ‘Mora’ meaning tree and ‘Coba’ meaning stump, gave birth to the name of this village located along the Mahaicony River. As one of the newer communities embarking on community-led and owned tourism, Moraikobai offers rustic lodging and great cultural activities, birding, and recreational fishing experiences closer to Georgetown than its Rupununi and Essequibo counterparts.
  • Masakenari Village
    Home to the Wai Wais, Konashen is Guyana’s first community-owned conservation area, and Masakenari is in the heart of the protected area. This is one of the most thriving wildlife locations in the country where healthy population of rare species such as Harpy Eagle, jaguar, the giant river otter, blue poison frog, and emerald tree boa among others. Access to the community can only be done via light aircraft or day long jungle treks. While tourism is extremely limited, there are a couple operators who offer trips to Wai Wai country that combine boating, trekking and short flights to access the area. Contact Bushmasters and Rupununi Trails for more information.
  • Karasabai Village
    Located in the South Pakaraima district, Karasabai is one of the best birdwatching destinations in Guyana. The village and the mountainous topography surrounding it more for an excellent place to spot the golden sun parakeet, a star bird on most any birdwatcher’s list. Make sure that you are well prepared with binoculars, outdoor gear and a local guide to maximise your chances for spotting the more elusive bird species. After a full day of birding, you can stay at the community Guest House or Kezee Ecolodge found on the outskirts of the village. If you do, be sure to hike nearby trails and plan a trip up the Ireng River to spot wildlife.
  • Aranaputa Village
    Aranaputa offers rustic accommodation in the form of a small cabin that you can visit before and after your journey up the 1600-foot-high Clarence Mountain. Other highlights include a tour of the Women’s Cooperative Peanut Butter Factory (you can purchase the Aranaputa Peanut Butter in Georgetown as well), bird watching and wildlife spotting while hiking the seldom-visited Clarence Mountain Nature Trail.


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