Iwokrama Waldwege

Für diejenigen, die ihre großen und mutigen Wanderabenteuer mögen, sind einige der schönsten Wanderwege willkommen. Die Region Iwokrama führt begeisterte Wanderer in die Mitte des Dschungels, entlang von Bächen, durch Schluchten und versteckte Wasserfälle. Die Wasserfälle auf diesen Wegen sind oft gut platziert, damit Sie sich nach einer belebenden Wanderung in den Pools abkühlen können. Zu den Hindernissen auf diesen Wegen zählen steile Anstiege, umgestürzte Bäume und rutschige Bachübergänge. Der Iwokrama Mountain, der Turtle Mountain und der Iwokrama Gorge Trail sind einige der beliebtesten Wanderungen in Guyana.

Rock Climbing

Outside of the rock-climbing wall at Universal PlayPark at Giftland Mall in Georgetown, the sport is not very accessible in Guyana.  Mount Roraima continues to attract expert rock climbers like Leo Houlding and Stefan Glowacz. There are a number of other tepuis – table-top mesas – in Guyana’s highlands. Most remain unclimbed.

Manari Ranch

Manari Ranch is less rustic than the other ranches of the Rupununi. Located just outside Lethem, it is the perfect place to unwind and explore the savannahs that surround the property. Owned and operated by Lissa Orellana, you can expect warm hospitality, hearty home cooked meals, and self-contained guest rooms.

Wichabai Ranch and Guest House

Escape to Wichabai Ranch to explore living cowboy culture and experience ranch living. Started by couple Justin DeFreitas and Erin Earl, a stay at Wichabai makes you feel like you have found a second home. Expect cozy accommodation, homemade meals on the open verandah, and a wide variety of outdoor activities through Rupununi Trails, the family tour operator and river trip business.

Epic Savannah Drive

The Epic Savannah Drive is a weekend-long event that traverses four Indigenous communities, including Yarrowkabra, Swan, Lailuni and Pakuri. 4×4 vehicles, ATVs and dirt bikes are all welcomed to participate in this epic weekend that promises adventure. You will get to experience local foods and hospitality, a manmade obstacle courses, a variety of scenery as you move from one location to the other.

Singletrack at Arrowpoint Nature Resort

Nestled on the banks of Kamuni Creek on the Demerara River, Arrowpoint Nature Resort is a great place to unwind over a weekend. Wooden cabins lie in the middle of a forested area, with the gurgling creek in front. Mountain bikes are available on site, and there are several kilometres of easy and more difficult cycling trails and routes through the forest that are fun to explore with a guide.

Bike Touring Linden to Lethem

The 276-mile Linden-Lethem “trail” is considered to be one of the most legendary roads in South America. This dirt road is the only major overland route connecting the capital city of Georgetown in northern Guyana to the Brazilian border to the south. A great deal of the terrain along the route is classified as wilderness, so expect to see wildlife and to stock up on provisions in Georgetown, Linden, or Lethem because there are few shops scattered villages in the savannah section along the way. This route is not for the faint of heart and should only be traversed during the dry season. World Biking provides the Top 5 Reasons to Cycle Guyana as well as practical route information.

Mount Roraima Trek

The only way to get to the top of Mount Roraima from Guyana is via helicopter or an extremely difficult rock climbing route for experts only.  There are, however, multiple ways to reach the base of Mount Roraima from within Guyana.  Indigenous villages like Paruima and Phillipai provide access into the waterfall-laden Lost World region. The rainforest and vegetation are very dense, but there are multi-day trekking routes to the base of the mountain and to Double Drop Falls and Ushi Falls. There is one trail to the top, which is accessible overland through Brazil on the Venezuela side of the mountain. This multi-day trek is considered to be one of the best in Latin America. It crosses savannah, rivers and thick cloud forest before reaching the summit at 2,700 metres. You can read more information on how you can experience Mount Roraima here.

Key Sport Fishing Regions

Cast your line during one of the two main fishing seasons – February to April and September to November – for a good catch. The Essequibo River, Kurupukari River, Abary River, Mahaica River, Simoni Pond, Luri Creek, Rewa River, Apoteri River and Burro Burro River are among the most popular fishing locations in Guyana. The village of Rock stone and eco-lodges such as Rewa, Surama, Caiman House, and Warapoka are some of the more popular lodges for sport fishing.

Guide to Sport Fishing

Sport fishing adventures are best done with seasoned locals who know Guyana well. Arrive at the correct season and take their help for booking accommodation, transportation and equipment as well.
Between mid-October and mid-February are the best seasons for sport fishing in Guyana, as these are the driest months. November to January is the peak season, especially amid the southern savannahs. During late-February to April, the conditions are variable. May to August is rainy, and the rivers are swollen – not the best time to try your luck at fishing.
The best fishing tours in Guyana are organised by Navin Rooonarain of Adventure Guianas, Ashley Holland of Rupununi Drifters, Justin and Duane de Freitas of Rupununi Trails and at each individual eco-lodge mentioned earlier. Sign up early to secure a spot during the next fishing season.  Rewa, Surama, Caiman House, and Warapoka are some of the best locations for pacu.



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