Epic Savannah Drive

The Epic Savannah Drive is a weekend-long event that traverses four Indigenous communities, including Yarrowkabra, Swan, Lailuni and Pakuri. 4×4 vehicles, ATVs and dirt bikes are all welcomed to participate in this epic weekend that promises adventure. You will get to experience local foods and hospitality, a manmade obstacle courses, a variety of scenery as you move from one location to the other.

South Rupununi Safari

One of the most adventurous trips in Guyana, the South Rupununi Safari is an 8 to 10-day trip starting in Georgetown. This epic safari takes you through the town of Linden into the heart of Guyana before ending in the South Rupununi savannahs. You will travel through 14 indigenous villages via multiple steep trails and wide-open savannah grasslands, which are welcomed after several days of travel through dense rainforest.

Bartica Safari

The Bartica Safari was launched in August 2017 to showcase a slice of Guyana which is often missed by many travellers. It is a relatively shorter safari taking place closer to the coast and includes several historical sites as you traverse Regions Four, Five, Seven and Ten. Highlights include the Linden Museum of Industrial & Socio-Cultural Heritage, the Christiansburg Waterwheel, Baracara and Marshall Falls, Rockstone village, and Bartica.

North Pakaraima Mountain Safari

The Georgetown-Pakaraima safari takes you through the mixed topography of rainforest and savannah with a variety of landscapes and topography to keep things interesting. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife and birds as you cross the unpaved trails. Highlights include time spent at local villages and a visit to Orinduik Falls. This safari is usually held in April, close to the Easter Weekend, and ends in Lethem where you can stay on a couple of days to enjoy the Annual Rupununi Rodeo.

Moraikobai Safari

Held in February or March, the Moraikobai Safari is the first of the five annual safaris held annually. The off-road route wends through the Mahaica-Berbice region a few hours from Georgetown. Teams of bikers complete a series of obstacles between the villages along this trail. After dusk, you get insight into village life through cultural performances and by taking part in local activities like fishing, birdwatching and camping.

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