Iwokrama Waldwege

Für diejenigen, die ihre großen und mutigen Wanderabenteuer mögen, sind einige der schönsten Wanderwege willkommen. Die Region Iwokrama führt begeisterte Wanderer in die Mitte des Dschungels, entlang von Bächen, durch Schluchten und versteckte Wasserfälle. Die Wasserfälle auf diesen Wegen sind oft gut platziert, damit Sie sich nach einer belebenden Wanderung in den Pools abkühlen können. Zu den Hindernissen auf diesen Wegen zählen steile Anstiege, umgestürzte Bäume und rutschige Bachübergänge. Der Iwokrama Mountain, der Turtle Mountain und der Iwokrama Gorge Trail sind einige der beliebtesten Wanderungen in Guyana.

Mount Roraima Trek

The only way to get to the top of Mount Roraima from Guyana is via helicopter or an extremely difficult rock climbing route for experts only.  There are, however, multiple ways to reach the base of Mount Roraima from within Guyana.  Indigenous villages like Paruima and Phillipai provide access into the waterfall-laden Lost World region. The rainforest and vegetation are very dense, but there are multi-day trekking routes to the base of the mountain and to Double Drop Falls and Ushi Falls. There is one trail to the top, which is accessible overland through Brazil on the Venezuela side of the mountain. This multi-day trek is considered to be one of the best in Latin America. It crosses savannah, rivers and thick cloud forest before reaching the summit at 2,700 metres. You can read more information on how you can experience Mount Roraima here.

Kanuku Mountains Trek

The Kanuku Mountains in southern Guyana circle the vast savannahs. Within these mountains, there are several hiking trails, perfect for day trips and longer hikes. These hikes can be arranged with the help of local tour operators and guides. The Bone and Skull Mountain Trail from Shulainab Village is considered to be one of the most exciting hikes in the Rupununi region of Guyana. Multiple other options exist throughout this mountain range.  Mapari Wilderness Camp is an ideal base camp set in the middle of the Kanuku Mountains Protected Area.

Surama Trails

Surama Village and Eco-Lodge lies on the fringes of the rainforest and set near the banks of the meandering Burro Burro River. The walk from the lodge to the river traverses through a dense canopy that houses a vast array of birds and wildlife. This is also the area where Surama guides organise a jungle survival trip. The walk is filled with the sounds of the jungle, and is a great way to spend an afternoon. The community offers a short nature hike as well as a hike to the top of Surama Mountain. This rewarding seven kilometre hike is considered by many to be one of the nicest in Guyana.

Other Mountain Trails

  • Panorama Nature Trail
    The Panorama Nature trail is not your classic savannah Instead of the endless savannahs, you have a tree-shaded rocky trail which needs some muscle to get you up to the peak. But it is easy enough for both first timers and seasoned hikers, and a good option for an easy trek in Guyana. Hire a guide from the nearby Rockview Lodge so you do not miss out on learning about the variety of birds and plants found along this route.
  • Pakaraima Trails
    The Pakaraima Mountain Range affords myriad on-trail and off-trail hiking and trekking opportunities. While many visitors opt to tour this landscape via a 4×4 safari drive, those looking for adventure will be rewarded by travelling under through own power through dense forests and wide-open spaces, along mountain ridges, and from village to village in the more remote areas. There are also a number of shorter hiking trails in this region. For those who would like to experience these trails, ask a local tour operator to assist in choosing the routes that are ideal for your fitness level and sense of adventure.
  • Makarapan Mountain Trek
    Imagine standing on the top of a 3000 feet tall peak for a sweeping view of everything that Guyana has to offer – the virgin rainforest, the honey-coloured savannahs and rivers meandering through the landscape. This is what you can experience on the Makarapan Mountain Trek. This difficult trek starts from Rewa Eco-lodge and is a perfect 2-day activity filled with birdwatching, wildlife spotting and the thrill of negotiating the rocky, seldomly travelled route.
  • Karasabai Trails
    The village of Karasabai, found in the heart of the Southern Pakaraimas, is the perfect place to spend a day or two and explore the beautiful mountainous landscape that surrounds the village. The easiest and most popular hikes are to Saddleback Mountain, which has a cleared trail and a benab rest stop, and to a hidden swim hole at the base of a cascade on the other side of Saddleback Mountain. Karasabai is also a bird watching hotspot in the Pakaraimas. It is one of the few locations globally where the Sun Parakeet can be found. For more information on Karasabai, check out this blog.
  • Clarence Mountain Trail
    Aranaputa, at the base of the Pakaraimas, is the starting point of the seldom-travelled Clarence Mountain Trail. Clarence Mountain rises about 1600 feet, and its namesake trail features a mix of steep cliff-sides and rocky pathways.  Once at the top, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the North Rupununi savannahs.
  • Awarmie Mountain Trail
    This is one of the most scenic hikes in Guyana. The half-day tour starts at Rewa Eco-lodge and begins with a scenic 40-minute boat ride. Keep a lookout for giant otters en route to the trailhead. Although this hike involves a steep climb through the dense rainforest and over rocky terrain, it only takes about two hours and is family friendly. The peak offers a splendid view of the surrounding rainforests and Rupununi river. If you wish, you can even spend the night camping on the peak.



Moco Moco Mountain Hike

As the highest peak in the vicinity of Lethem, Moco Moco Mountain is an attractive day hike. The route is a mix of a natural trail and concrete stairs. The locals claim that it takes 999 steps to reach to the top. This can be done within a few hours by experienced hikers or those who are reasonably fit. On top, there is a manmade tank propped on the plateau to cool off in, and short walking trails that lead to different look-out points for you to get a vast view of the surrounding Rupununi savannahs. Multi-day treks are also possible from here.


Kaieteur Overland Hike

For adventure seekers and nature lovers, the Kaieteur Overland Hike should definitely be on your short list. This journey takes 3-4 days (depending on the itinerary) and involves an overland journey via bus or 4×4, an upstream boat ride, and a 6 to 10-hour hike through the rainforest from the Tukeit Guest House at the base of the falls to get to Kaieteur National Park at the top of what is commonly referred to “Oh My God” mountain. While most prefer to fly to see Kaieteur, this trip offers an experience and sights that are only accessible by the few who choose to trek to the National Park. Multiple tour operators offer this experience. You can learn more about Kaieteur here.

Iwokrama Forest Trails

For those who like their hiking adventures big and bold, welcome to a few of the most stunning trails. The Iwokrama region takes avid hikers into the middle of the jungle, along creeks, through gorges and hidden waterfalls. The waterfalls on these trails are often well placed for you to cool off in the pools after an invigorating trek. The obstacles on these trails include steep climbs, fallen trees and slippery creek crossings. The Iwokrama Mountain, Turtle Mountain, and the Iwokrama Gorge trail are a few of the most popular treks in Guyana.

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