Rock Climbing

Outside of the rock-climbing wall at Universal PlayPark at Giftland Mall in Georgetown, the sport is not very accessible in Guyana.  Mount Roraima continues to attract expert rock climbers like Leo Houlding and Stefan Glowacz. There are a number of other tepuis – table-top mesas – in Guyana’s highlands. Most remain unclimbed.

Jungle Survival

Spending the night alone in the Amazon jungle isn’t for everyone. Surviving in one of the most remote jungles requires special skills and true courage. Jungle survival camps in the Iwokrama and Rupununi rainforests of Guyana are the highest form of adventure in the country. Equipped with basic knowledge about the jungle and nothing but a machete, your guide will take you through the pristine rainforests of Guyana and provide you with hands-on training in jungle survival. Join the growing league of “survivors”, including reality show participants who have had comparable experiences in the same locations.


Enjoy action packed adventure and gorgeous views of the surroundings as you rappel down steep cliffs and other rocky escarpments. Abseiling is a pretty accessible sport for those seeking thrills who are not afraid of heights. It requires trained guides and the right gear and mindset and is the peak highlight of an adventure tour in Guyana.

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