Resort Hopping on the Essequibo

A trip to a river resort makes for an excellent weekend getaway from Georgetown or finale to a multi-day trip. Expect comfortable rooms, semi-private beaches, great food and warm hospitality. Swimming, birding, recreational fishing and boating are just a few of the available activities. Some of the best resorts on the Essequibo River include Baganara Island Resort, Hurakabra Resort and the Sloth Island Nature Resort. Several tour operators offer day and overnight tours.

Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking

Though not yet one of the more popular adventure sports in Guyana, there are a lot of rivers that are ideal for whitewater rafting and expedition-style kayaking. Recently, three women actually kayaked their way from the source to the mouth of the Essequibo River. You can learn more about their journey here. A shorter, 21-day version of this trip is available on the upper Essequibo River. It covers 150 miles and features over 50 rapids.

Flat-water Kayaking

The lower Essequibo and calm black water creeks of Guyana are ideal for flat-water kayaking.  Arrowpoint Nature Resort and Baganara Island Resort are two of the more popular locations.  Arrowpoint offers a couple out and back and one-way routes, whereas Baganara offers some longer circuits around several of the islands that dot the lower Essequibo. Expect to see a variety bird life in the canopies.


Canoeing along Guyana’s rivers is an easy way to access the depths of the rainforest and experience nature in the raw.  It brings you closer to unique terrain and a wide variety of fauna that is not accessible by any other means. There are plenty of short and longer routes from a couple of days to several weeks. The Burro Burro, Rewa and Rupununi Rivers are a few of the go-to destinations. The further you travel into the wilderness, the better the birding and wildlife spotting become. Expect to see exotic birds, Guyana’s giant mammals, and virgin rainforest, which is a small price to pay for the portages around waterfalls and cascades. Being off of the grid and exploring by day and camping and roasting fresh fish at night, you will quickly find yourself in in rhythm with nature.

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