Conservation Tourism Experience

There are a number of world-class experiences from donor and government-led projects like the EU-supported Guyana Mangrove Restoration Project that resulted in two new community tourism experiences in Victoria and Mahaica to community-led initiatives like Rewa’s, Yupakari and Surama’s efforts to protect rainforest ecosystems for wildlife tourism. Others include Apoteri and Rewa’s efforts to protect river ecosystems and tribal fishing grounds for catch and release sport fishing, and the South Rupununi Conservation Society’s efforts involving six villages who are protecting the endangered Red Siskin. These tourism initiatives provide economic incentives to host communities to make a net positive contribution to the conservation of biological diversity within the lands they manage. 

Conservation Travel in Guyana

Guyana’s rich biodiversity, dramatic landscapes, and friendly, Indigenous Peoples provide a dazzling diversity of experiences in nature. Together with visionary community leaders and tour operators, a new form of conservation tourism has evolved from ecotourism.  Conservation travel makes a net positive contribution to the conservation of biological diversity and ecosystem services.

The country took its first steps towards pioneering conservation travel under the leadership of the legendary Diane McTurk. Diane grew up on a cattle ranch in Karanambu in the Rupununi. Here, she laid the groundwork for using tourism and conservation practices to offer visitors delightful experiences in the jungle and savannahs as well put relentless efforts towards restoring and preserving the natural ecosystems on the ranch. Her work in helping to save and protect giant river otters set a high benchmark for conservationists and researchers all over the world.

Diane and indigenous visionaries like Fred Allicock influenced numerous indigenous communities to establish community conservation areas to protect birding and wildlife habitat for visitors to enjoy.  Your visit to these communities not only supports the protection of nature and wildlife but also the maintenance of ancient traditional practices.  Learn more about Guyana’s Visitor Guidelines for Sustainable Travel here.

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