Bartica Easter Regatta

The Bartica Easter Regatta is yet another popular Easter weekend activity which dates back to 1947 and has since remained a staple event in Guyana. Held on the banks of the Essequibo River in the town of Bartica, this day-long event is filled with powerboat racing, beauty pageants, local food, music and dance. Read more here.

Rupununi Rodeo

One of Guyana’s largest events, the Rupununi Rodeo is held in Lethem during the Easter weekend. The festival commemorates the ranching history and lifestyle of the region. This is the time when vaqueros showcase their skills in bareback bronc riding, team roping, bull-riding, barrel-racing and more. Lots of local beer, food, music, local craft offerings, and parties add to the experience. Most people can be seen decked out in their best cowboy boots and hats. On Easter Monday the following day, the indigenous village of Sand Creek hosts its own rodeo, offering travellers a similar yet more intimate experience, so if you miss one, you can always experience the other.


Built Heritage

The heritage of Guyana is a combination of great local architecture, colonial
remnants, history, modern political movements, and the living culture of its diverse
population. The net result is that the built heritage of Guyana is a riveting hook for
travellers. The wooden churches with stained glass features, museums with
Demerara windows, Dutch sluice and canal engineering in Georgetown and a
number of other historical structures in the country offer a window into the
country’s past and present.
The National Trust of Guyana is the leading organisation responsible for the
preservation and restoration of the colonial buildings and historical sites found
throughout Guyana. Soft copies of select National Trust publications will soon be
accessible via this website.


During the Easter weekend, the skies are usually decorated with bright, colourful kites throughout Guyana. One of the most popular areas for kite flying is the Kingston  seawall in Georgetown and #63 Beach in Berbice. Christian religious events usher in the festivities, followed by a number of other exciting events. Kite-flying competitions are held throughout the country. Many locals create unique kites vying for the title of largest, smallest and most creative kite. Incidentally, the Rupununi Rodeo and the Bartica Easter Regatta are slated for the same weekend. So, you’ll have your pick for an amazing Easter getaway.

Hibiscus Plaza

Looking for a great local handicraft souvenir from Guyana? Head straight to Hibiscus Plaza, the street market in the heart of the city. Cosy shops packed with hand-made leather, cane, balata and cloth goods are great for those on a bargain hunt. Curios, bags, containers, jewellery and even the typical South American cloth hammocks are some of the best souvenirs from Guyana.

Timings: 8am-5pm (Mon-Sat); Entry Fee: Free


Phagwah, also known as Holi, is a Hindu holiday dedicated to the festival of spring and celebrated among all Guyanese. The day is usually spent adorning friends and family with water and or dry and wet colours applied with powders. There’s plenty of music, dance and eating traditional Indian sweet treats like gulab jamoon, barfi, jalebi and mettai among others. Many organisations also host Phagwah melas with the largest one being held at the National Stadium at Providence. Singing, dancing and consuming sweet treats are all part of the fun and entertainment at these melas.


On February 23rd, 1970, Guyana became a republic nation. Every year, to commemorate this historic moment, Guyanese celebrate Mashramani. This Indigenous word means ‘celebration after hard work’. Mashramani, commonly known as Mash, sees Guyanese and travellers coming together to take part in a festival filled with colourful activities including a day long parade along Vlissengen Road in Georgetown, musical performances, local street games and sampling a diverse range of local food from street vendors who line the avenues.  Other towns such as New Amsterdam and Linden have their Mash celebrations a week later, making it easy for travellers to partake in the festivities. This is one of the best ways to experience Guyana’s cultural makeup and have some fun with friends, old and new.