In Guyana, you always need to keep your eyes on the treetops and have your binoculars ready. Guyana is home to over 800 species of bird including the Harpy Eagle, Sun Parakeet, a number of McCaw species, and the elusive Red Siskin. Recently, the International Birding Authority, James Currie, was in Guyana for a true birding adventure. Now you can share that adventure by clicking on the videos below.



James Currie is a life-long wildlife enthusiast, and internationally recognized television personality, hosting nature-based shows such as “Nikon’s Birding Adventures,” which ran on the Discovery Channel and NBC for 10 seasons. Most recently, he’s the host of a new series, “A Wild Connection,” which appears on YouTube.


An estimated 80% of Guyana’s primary rainforest remains intact and is complemented by a rich diversity of habitats such as savannah grasslands, mangrove forests and coastal wetlands. Together, they are a thriving habitat for birdlife. Guyana is blessed to have species that are not overly difficult to see such as the Harpy and Crested Eagles, Guianan cock-of-the-rock, Sun Parakeet, and the colourful Hoatzin, Guyana’s glamorous national bird and directly related to the archaeopteryx, the first known bird.

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