Best Eco-Lodges

With its large and diverse array of birds, Guyana is often on the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ destinations list for serious birders all over the world. The eco-lodges and resorts situated amid the forests, wetlands, hilly sand and clay region, and the middle of the savannah grasslands provide great access to key birding locations. Along with that, many of them have local naturalists on staff, who can maximise the probability you will see the birds you’ve come to see, provide facts about the birds and their habitat, and share local lore on what makes these birds important to the natives of the land. Here are some of the best eco-lodges and resorts in the country.

Atta Lodge

Caiman House Field Station

Georgetown Hotels

Iwokrama River Lodge

Karanambu Lodge

Lake Mainstay

Rewa Eco-Lodge

Saddle Mountain Ranch

Surama Eco-Lodge

Wichabai Ranch & Rockview Lodge

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