Birding Checklist

The more than 820 bird species that are known to occur in Guyana can be divided into different groups and families. Of these pigeons and doves, along with currassows, Agami Herons, White-bellied Piculets, Scarlet-shouldered Parrotlets, and Guianan Streaked-antwren are considered vulnerable species. Others like Great Tinamou, Orinoco Goose, Crestless Currassow, Marbled Wood-Quail, Red Knot, Semipalmated Sandpiper, Zigzag Heron, Crested Eagle, Harpy Eagle, Gray-bellied Hawk, Rufous Crab-hawk, Orange-breasted Falcon, Caica Parrot, Blue-cheeked Parrot, Brown-bellied Antwren, Guianan Warbling Antbird, Bearded Tachuri, Olive-sided Flycatcher, Red-and-black Grosbeak and Bicolored Conebill are considered near threatened.

Amongst the endangered species include birds like the Red Siskin, Hoary-throated Spinetail, Rio Branco Antbird, Sun Parakeet and Eskimo Curlew which may be extinct. When birding in Guyana, it is hard not to get excited to see birds like the Flamingo, White-tipped Swift, Sparkling Violetear, Stilt Sandpiper, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Royal Tern, White-tailed Tropicbird, Leach’s Storm-Petrel, Audubon’s Shearwater, Barolo Shearwater, Cory’s Shearwater, Red-footed booby, Brown Booby, Masked Booby, Green Heron, Foothill Screech-Owl, Merlin, Swainson’s Thrush, Golden-rumped Euphonia and a House Sparrow, since they are rarely spotted in the country.

Click here for a copy of Guyana’s bird list.

Various birding hotspots, eco-lodges and conservation societies have contributed towards birding checklist for the benefit of travellers. You can view them here:

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