Community-Led & Indigenous Tourism

In a world where travel is becoming more mainstream and many destinations have lost the authenticity that attracted travellers in the first place, Guyana stands out.  This, along with the fact that the country remains largely undeveloped, means that you will discover pristine ecosystems with amazing wildlife and birding experiences. This didn’t happen by accident. Nine Indigenous Peoples call Guyana home. They’ve been stewards of the country’s megadiversity for millennia. 

Guyana Indigenous Peoples are known for their warm hospitality. They are proud to share their traditions and knowledge with guests of their community-led and owned ecolodges. Doing so helps them preserve their heritage and way of life while providing economic benefits to the host community as a whole. Your experience will be fulfilling, transformational and have positive benefits that directly impact the lives of the people you visit.

Surama Village

Rewa Village

Other Villages

Mainstay, Tapakuma, and Capoey Villages

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