Wildlife Spotting

A trip to Guyana is a crash course in wildlife and birding with the world’s most exciting and unusual creatures roaming freely in intensely green lands. For many travellers,  one of the most memorable experiences of travel is seeing creatures they would never dream of encountering. There is truly nothing better than seeing wild animals in their natural habitat.


Land of the Giants

The thick forests and river systems are home to iconic animals and birds. 820 plus birds, 228 species of mammals, 900 species of fish and more than 6500 plants have given Guyana its deserved reputation as a serious wildlife and birding destination. Travellers often come with extensive checklists when visiting the many protected areas and pristine rainforest – hoping for glimpses of jaguars, arapaima (world’s largest freshwater fish), giant anteaters, harpy eagles, capybaras, giant river otters, black caimans and the world’s largest lily, Victoria Amazonica. Other heart-stoppers include puma, leatherback turtles, bird-eating spiders, several species of monkeys and a host of snakes – bushmasters, anacondas, rattlesnakes, labarias and corals.

Plan Your Trip

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