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The Ultimate 2-week Trip to Guyana

If you’re the kind of person who loves to travel off the beaten path, then Guyana is the perfect destination for you – explore virgin rainforests and discover unknown cultures, new cuisines and thrilling adventures. Guyana is just the place to switch off from city life and return with stories and experiences to last a …

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Best Wildlife Lodges in Guyana

Want to see best of Guyana’s wildlife? Then head deep in the headwaters of the Amazon and Essequibo and take your pick of one of the jungle lodges wedged between dense rainforests and tan-coloured rivers or amid the golden savannahs of the Rupununi Region. The jungle lodges offer easy access to hiking trails. They also …

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The Complete Surama Experience

Imagine being woken up by the sound of toucans, jacanas or even parrots. It may be the early hours of the morning, but the edge of the rainforest is bustling with activity. Put on your full-length pants and hiking boots, spray a generous dose of insect repellant and meet your Indigenous guide for a walk …

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Living the Ranch Life

South Rupununi, in the lower part of Guyana, is starkly different from the dense green rainforests of the north of the country. This is a land rich in traditions and where the wild ways from the turn of the 20th century endure. No matter which way you look, you see an endless golden-brown savannah and …

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