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Planning a Family Adventure to Guyana

Planning a wildlife & nature trip to South America? Guyana promises to be even more astounding for children than for their wide-eyed parents. The country’s scents, sights and sounds will make for an unforgettable adventure and one that most kids will take in their stride. Foraging through greenery to spot wildlife and fascinating birds, encountering …

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Top Attractions in Georgetown

Bearing a strong stamp of easy-going yet vibrant, the capital city of Guyana is where almost one third of the country lives or works. As a result, it is brimming with diversity and fun to explore for a traveller. Skirted by the Atlantic Ocean on the northern edge, the city is cooled by the trade …

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Is Guyana Safe for Solo Travellers?

No matter which part of the world, ‘safety’ looms constantly on the solo traveller’s mind. While some countries are considered safer than others, news of stray untoward incidents creeps in from all parts of the world. The same goes for Guyana.  It took Guyana almost four decades of post-Independence period to find political stability and …

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Guyana Travels 101

For travellers yearning to explore verdant rainforests, vast savannahs and amazing wildlife up-close, Guyana should be your next travel choice. The destination serves as a gateway into the lush Amazonian rainforests! Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the North, Venezuela to the west, Brazil to the South and Suriname to the east, Guyana lies on …

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The Colourful Festivals of Guyana

Drawing thousands on the streets to celebrate, festivals are a great time to visit Guyana. The air is festive, host communities are full of colour and the vibe is inviting. The country loves spectacular parties and parades that honour the diversity of its people and its motto – ‘One People, One Nation, One Destiny.’ For …

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48 Hours in Georgetown

Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, is the springboard to discover the country’s many wonders. Whether you’re heading south towards the Rupununi and the rainforest or to close by attractions on the coast, Guyana will not disappoint.  You can use Georgetown as your jumping off point to see Dutch relics, give birdwatching a try, or look …

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The Ultimate 2-week Trip to Guyana

If you’re the kind of person who loves to travel off the beaten path, then Guyana is the perfect destination for you – explore virgin rainforests and discover unknown cultures, new cuisines and thrilling adventures. Guyana is just the place to switch off from city life and return with stories and experiences to last a …

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