Daily Life in Community-Led & Owned Lodges

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Surama Eco-Lodge ©David DiGregorio

Community-led and owned lodges are located throughout the interior regions of Guyana and are places that you will certainly never forget. They teach travellers the importance of conservation and sustainability, as well as providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Expect to be treated as part of the family and to be forever remembered once you leave!

Daily life in community-led and owned lodges begins at sunrise, with delicious, fresh fruits, food and juices prepared for residents and guests. Morning activities include river or jeep tours, wildlife spotting, horse-riding, hiking, fishing, or birdwatching. If you are lucky enough, you may see some of Guyana’s most treasured species such as Giant River Otters, Red Howler monkeys, Giant Anteaters and even the Black Caiman to name just a few!

Karanambu Ranch
Savannah, Rupununi
South America
Wildlife Spotting, Rupununi River ©Pete Oxford

Once the morning activities have finished, you will be welcomed back to the lodge for another tasty,  cooked meal using homegrown produce such as okra and cassava, among others. Some guests choose to cool down with a fruit juice over lunch, whilst others will crack open a refreshing Banks Beer. It’s entirely up to you! 

Residents and guests will usually retire to their accommodation for a few hours after lunch, to rest up and refuel ready for an afternoon of more activities. At Karanambu Lodge, Melanie, the Managing Director proudly calls this their “siesta period”. Canoeing down the Rupununi River, mountain biking or pedal boating are just some of the activities that travellers can enjoy. 

Guest relaxing at Karanambu
Guest Relaxing at Karanambu Lodge, ©Guyana Tourism Authority

The evenings give guests the opportunity to learn more from the lodge owners and workers about local life and culture, as well as share stories about wildlife encounters. Travellers can also put their feet up and enjoy the glorious sunsets over the panoramic Guyanese landscapes. To round the evening off, a bottle of El Dorado rum can be opened but be careful… while it is tasty, it sure does creep up on you!.

For more information about family and community-owned lodges, visit https://guyanatourism.com

Travel Better in Guyana: Guyana is working hard to conserve its vibrant wildlife and cultural eco-system, but this fragile environment can easily deteriorate by unmindful travelling. We urge you to become an ‘awesome’ traveller by doing some simple things like avoiding the use of single-use plastics and ensuring that you use water filtration bottles.  Help protect Guyana’s abundant wildlife by maintaining a respectful distance. Support local tour operators, accommodations, and other tourism service providers that incorporate sustainable tourism practices. Contact us to learn more and remember to always leave a positive impact!


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