Freshwater Fishing in Guyana

As nature’s wealth goes, Guyana not only has one of the largest rainforest covers in the world, but also hundreds of species of animals and birds that inhabit them. Then there is the vast network of rivers that criss-cross through the length and breadth of the country, offering a unique perspective to the travellers. The country is given the moniker of ‘Land of many waters.’ With such a robust landscape of rivers and forests, it is not surprising that Guyana is one of the best places for freshwater fishing in the world. It is especially known for the Arapaima – the largest freshwater fish in the world. There are close to 500 species of fish in the country, many of them on the list of anglers for a good challenge.

How to plan a fishing trip in Guyana

Sportfishing is one of the best adventure activities for outdoor enthusiasts but there is considerable planning required for serious anglers when visiting the country. For recreational fishing, the access is easy and you can find plenty of guides who can teach you some tricks.

  • Best Season: Since Guyana has two main seasons (wet and dry), the water level in the rivers changes drastically. May to October is largely inaccessible during the monsoons, making the latter part of the year perfect for anglers to visit. The fishing season is ideally until February. February to May is not ideal, but one can still trawl about to find some good sections along the rivers.
  • Stay: Eco-lodges and community-run accommodations in villages close to rivers are the best choice for anglers. The un-fussy but comfortable accommodations are great to recuperate after a long day on the river, so you can come back and enjoy local food and share your stories. In other cases, you may find functioning ranches alongside rivers to make them your pad. Karanambu Lodge is one such option. Some of the other places to explore are Surama Eco Lodge along the Burro Burro River, Rewa Eco Lodge, the community-run accommodations in Rockstone and even the Arrowpoint Resort for recreational fishing.
Surama Eco-Lodge for great access to the Burro Burro River


  • Hiring Guides and Equipment: There are a number of shops in Georgetown, the capital, from where you can hire equipment. But if you’ve chosen to go with a guide (recommended) or as part of a tour, they are likely to offer you the equipment. Wilderness Explorers and Rupununi Trails are the most seasoned organisations of the country where sport fishing is concerned. They have been pioneers of adventure activities in Guyana and know just the best fishing holes. The two tour companies also offer the most wholesome adventure experiences, including camping along the rivers and showing you the best of Guyana’s interiors. Local Amerindian guides help you with their in-depth knowledge of the fish and navigating the waters. Book ahead of season to bag a spot on the tours. These can also be customized for your group.

Guyana is one of the most legendary fishing destinations of the world with the waters brimming with hundreds of species. Not only can you find off-the-grid locations but ample facilities alongside to make it a memorable trip.

Travel Better in Guyana: Guyana is working hard to conserve its vibrant wildlife and cultural eco-system, but this fragile environment can easily deteriorate by unmindful travelling. We urge you to become an ‘awesome’ traveller by doing some simple things like avoiding the use of single-use plastics and ensuring that you use water filtration bottles.  Help protect Guyana’s abundant wildlife by maintaining a respectful distance. Support local tour operators, accommodations, and other tourism service providers that incorporate sustainable tourism practices. Contact us to learn more and remember to always leave a positive impact!


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