Updated January 1, 2022

Please be informed that all measures within this document are to be addressed before implementation/operationalising the business. These measures will serve to fortify the health and safety of both the patrons and staff through the creation and implementation of protocols for the maintenance of hygiene. These are as follow:

  • Alcoholic beverages may be served to patrons that are dining. Further, each restaurant/bar shall implement a limited amount of alcoholic beverages that should be served per patron. Intoxication and/or excessive alcohol is known to alter your thoughts, judgement, decision-making and behaviour, which could increase the spread of COVID-19.
  • Ventilation is key. Keep all doors and windows open. Air conditioning may be used but will be addressed during the inspection process carried out by relevant government inspectorates (NCTFS, GTA, MoH and the Regional Environmental Offices).
  • Actual approved Capacity for Indoor and Outdoor Dining/Bar Service will be addressed during the inspection process. However, the capacity for indoor and outdoor dining/bar service, once permitted by the Guyana Tourism Authority, will allow restaurants/bars to operate at forty percent (60%) capacity of the building/establishment. Patrons with groups are restricted to six (6) persons per table.
  • Every inspected restaurant/bar must present relevant documentation which indicates their maximum capacity and the licenses that they operate under. In accordance with the COVID-19 Gazetted measures, all restaurants/bars must be closed at 22:30h with the intent of providing ample time for patrons to leave and staff to return home by curfew timings.
  • keep a physical distance of about 2 meters OR 6 ft. from persons and groups you are not travelling or dining with.
  • Line flow must be managed at food pick-up areas.
  • Where possible/applicable, reservations should be taken to manage capacity limits in restaurants/bars.
  • Upon entry, patrons should be sanitised and temperature must be checked. Restaurants/bars must provide wash sinks with running water, soap, disposable single use tissue, and relevant sanitising materials.
  • Staff will manage physical distancing at entries, waiting-areas, seating and queues (line- ups).
  • Excess furniture in common areas will be removed or taken out of commission in order to ensure that physical distancing is maintained.
  • The number of tables and booths must be spaced to ensure appropriate distancing between guests: i. Tables are spaced six (6) feet apart from each other; and ii. No more than six (6) persons are seated, and at least 1 metre OR 3 ft. apart.
  • Menus will be displayed on digital boards, chalkboards, or biodegradable, disposable menus will be used. Where not possible, menus must be sanitised before/after each guest interaction.
  • All unnecessary items should be removed from Tables and Booths. Tables, table appointments, and surroundings must be wiped and/or sanitised before welcoming and seating the next guests. Condiments, sugars, sauces, and meal accompaniments will be brought to the table in single-use, single-serve packaging.
  • Cutlery will be provided in a closed, single use, disposable sleeve. A napkin will also be provided.
  • Self-service buffet dining is PROHIBITED.
  • Food and beverage items will be placed on the table instead of handed directly to guests.
  • Individual, pre-plated, hot and cold snacks could be available on all-day dining menus.
  • Staff shall keep a physical distance of about 2 meters (6 ft.) in restaurants after interacting with patrons. They shall wear a face mask fitted to cover the nose, mouth and chin at all times and shall sanitise dining tables, chairs and other frequently touched surfaces after use by each customer.
  • For added layer of protection at establishments with a high percentage of traffic/interaction of persons with staff, one of the following is recommended (not mandatory) in addition to the wearing of masks, not a replacement:
    o Wearing of Face Shields
    o Biohazard screen/plexiglass
  • Install adequate signage in strategic areas to reinforce the requirements for:
    o Wearing of Masks
    o Sanitising before entry/on the premises
    o Physical Distancing
    o Queuing
    o Temperature Checks
  • Gambling, use of Pool Tables and Snooker games are PROHIBITED.
  • Bar stools are PROHIBITED at the Bar Area (Bartending Station).
  • Music is to be played at a moderate sound level of 60 dB or less, to allow ease of normal conversation.
  • Restaurants and Bars are subject to periodic compliance spot checks from government agencies (NCTF, MOH, Health Departments and GTA officials)six


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