Iwokrama Bulletwood



Day 1 - Arrive at Iwokrama

Leave Georgetown early for Iwokrama River Lodge. Options include a 4×4 vehicle for an 8 hour adventurous drive to the River Lodge through a historic mining town into dense rainforest. Alternatively you can travel through one of the local Guyana airlines, which will provide unparalleled views of the rainforest on your hour –long flight to the Iwokrama Forest. Arrive just in time to relax before lunch and get settled in to your room.
After lunch you will leave the River Lodge and continue south-west along the Iwokrama Road to the Atta Rainforest Lodge and Iwokrama Canopy Walkway. If you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of the elusive Jaguar, South America’s largest cat. The 154 metre state-of-the-art Iwokrama Canopy Walkway offers a totally unique experience in the region and envelopes you in the jungle’s mid-level canopy through a series of suspension bridges and decks from heights of up to 30 metres. Here you’ll have the chance to see birds like the Green Aracari, Scarlet Macaw, Guianan Toucanette or Channel-Bill Toucan. Red Howler Monkeys also make an appearane. Check out the epiphytes such orchids and bromeliads, and look for the amazing parasitic ficus plant as it engulfs another tree. You can also see the Greenheart tree, the Waramadan tree (endemic in Guyana only to the Iwokrama Forest) and the poisonous Aromata tree! Return to the River Lodge and spend a relaxing evening enjoying dinner overlooking the scenic vistas of the Essequibo River.

After dinner, hop onto a cruise on the Essequibo River through dark night, maybe lit only by a pale moon. Your guide shines the spotlight on red-eye glares of the Black Caimans! Frequently and closely seen lying on the river banks, the world’s largest alligator grows to 6 metres long. A boat ride at night may also introduce you to other nocturnal creatures such as Tree Boas, Pacas, Nightjars, and Hyla tree frogs. Overnight at the Iwokrama River Lodge.

Day 2 - Turtle Mountain

After breakfast leave the River Lodge for a 30 minute boat ride to the foot of Turtle Mountain for a mildly challenging hike to its
summit at 290m. This hike takes about 1-2 hours but the breathtaking views are worth the effort.
Turtle Mountain provides a gorgeous view of the top of the rainforest canopy. Visitors can gaze upon several often hazy mountain
ranges, the dense emerald jungle and the mighty Essequibo River. The trails may reveal little Chachalaca, Marail Guan, Black Currassow,
Squirrel Cuckoo, Black-Bellied Cuckoo, and many more wild creatures! You may also be rewarded with sightings of Red Howler
Monkey, Black Spider Monkeys and a Harpy Eagle.
After your return, enjoy a refreshing local lunch and an ice cold beverage. Check out to return to Georgetown, or visit other interesting
tourist sites in the Rupununi area.
For more information, please contact Iwokrama River Lodge at (Will include the link to their listing on our page or their website)

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