Training & Licensing

As part of its mandate, the Guyana Tourism Authority is responsible for administering and facilitating
training programmes for the Tourism Industry professionals. Training can be general for the Sector or
specific depending on the needs of the Industry. For more information regarding these programmes, kindly
contact the Travel Industry Development Division at the Guyana Tourism Authority.

Training Offerings and Schedule
· Adventure Travel Guide Standard Training – North Rupununi (August 13th-17th, 2018)
· Customer Service Training – Cheddi Jagan International Airport (August 15th, 2018)
· Advanced Food Safety Training – Lethem (September)

Online Training Resources
License Process

According to the Guyana Tourism Authority Regulations of 2008, Tourism Accommodation Establishments,
Tour Operators, Tourist Guides and Interior Lodges and Resorts are required to have a Guyana Tourism
Authority License or may be fined by the Authority for not being in compliance with the associated
regulations. This section describes the process of applying for and obtaining a License to operate these
tourism businesses

1. Accommodation Establishments – is referred to as hotels, apartments, guest houses and inns.
2. Interior Lodges & Resorts – Lodges in the context of the regulation is referred to a small rustic, overnight
accommodation found in the wilderness or remote areas and also cater for meeting and dining facilities for
3. Tour Operator – a tour operator is an individual or company that provides a range of tour services for the
international or domestic tourism markets.
4. Tour Guiding – is a person who provides assistance, information on cultural, historical and contemporary
heritage to people on organized tours

The Application Process
1. Submit application form with payment for processing fee (GY$2,000) to the Guyana Tourism Authority
2. Submit required certificates of conformity as set out by the regulations to the Guyana Tourism
Authority with the .
3. Within 14 working days, GTA will inspect/evaluate your property/operation.
4. Should you meet the requirement, license will be issued in 30 working days.
5. Should you not meet the REQUIREMENTS; an extended period will be granted.
6. Failure to comply with the regulations will result in a penalty of $50,000.
7. The GTA may refuse to issue a license or may revoke a license, if any tourism business is not in
compliance with the provision of the Act of any regulation.

Tourism Accommodation Establishment

1. Completed Tourism Accommodation Establishment Licence application form.
2. Application fee GYD 2,000
3. In case of companies, a copy of its Memorandum or Articles of Association and certificate of registration.
4. Certificates of conformity from the relevant agencies [No. 4(2) of the regulation].
5. Licence fee depending on the room number stated in table below:

Interior Lodges & Resorts
1. Completed Lodges & Resorts Licence application form
2. Application fee GYD 2,000
3. Copy of the business registration
4. In case of companies, a copy of its Memorandum or Articles of Association and certificate of registration
5. Certificates of conformity from relevant agencies [No. 4(1) in the regulation]
6. Proof of land ownership
7. Licence fee depending on the table below:

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