We know that you want to positively impact the people you meet and the places you visit in Guyana. This is why we developed Visitor Guidelines for Sustainable Travel to help guide you.

Honor Our Indigenous Peoples & Protected Areas 

You will encounter a brilliant array of cultural differences in Guyana. Research local customs, social norms, and environmental issues before you arrive, especially when planning to visit our indigenous communities. Follow advisories and regulations when visiting protected areas and respect the rights of community and private landowners. Remember the usage fees you pay to visit communities and protected areas support Indigenous People’s livelihoods and conservation efforts necessary to protect and maintain these areas.

Protecting Our Environment

Guyana does not currently have recycling infrastructure. Help protect the natural resources you have come to visit and reduce your environmental impact. Reduce energy consumption but turning off the lights and AC, and unplugging electronics like cell phone chargers when not in use. Avoid the use of single-use plastics and utilise water filtration bottles.  Support tour operators, accommodations, and other tourism service providers that incorporate sustainable tourism practices in their operations.

Keep Guyana Wild

Help protect Guyana’s abundant wildlife, birdlife, and marine life. Maintain a respectful distance, use binoculars and telephoto lenses, and refrain from feeding wild animals of any kind. Wildlife and “bush fish” may be served in select restaurants and available in some markets. Reduce demand by not contributing to the problem.

Buy Local

Support the local culture and regional character you have come to experience by consciously spending your money at local businesses and your time in local communities that offer locally produced meals, products, and handicrafts. Your expenditures will benefit the people you meet. They also encourage communities to preserve their cultural heritage.

Plan for the Unexpected

Learn about local conditions and regulations before venturing out or off-the- beaten-path.  Determine the weather forecast and the condition of the roads in which you wish to travel. Remember that many roads in Guyana are not paved. Dress to keep cool and dry. Always consider hiring a local guide for adventurous activities.

Leave a Positive Impact

Enhance the value and meaning of your visit by actively seeking out ways to make a positive impact on the people and places you visit during your time in Guyana. Consider volunteering or making financial donations to reputable non-profit organisations that are achieving demonstrable results.

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