Mountains and Rainforests

Guyana is blessed with an extraordinary topography dominated by lush rainforests and four major mountain ranges. In between, sinuous rivers tumble down mountains and through the thick towering trees of sublime rainforest on long journeys towards the Amazon and Atlantic. With a wide range of ecosystems compressed into a relatively short distance, these mountainous landscapes are perfect hideaways for diverse wildlife for nature lovers and adventurous travellers to explore. This pristine and often remote topography is home to Indigenous Peoples living at the base of the mountains and in hilltop villages. The local villages and unique avian and wildlife are best explored on foot or by 4×4 safari.

Pakaraima Mountain Range

Mount Roraima

Kanuku Mountain Range

Acarai & Imataka Mountains

Eastern Tepuis

Shea Rock

Kaieteur National Park

Iwokrama Rainforest Reserve

Konashen Community Owned Conservation Area

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