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Other Small Towns

The small towns of Guyana are a charming addition to the itinerary. Here are some that you should explore.

  • Anna Regina
    The largest town on the coast, Anna Regina works as a midway stop between Charity and Good Hope. Planning a trip to Lake Mainstay or one of the other region’s lakes? You will be passing through this typical coastal town on the fringes of the country. The bustling market area is fun to walk through but what makes the town tick is the gorgeous surrounding natural landscape. An old turquoise bridge made in the 18th century stands as a remnant of the town’s sugar producing days.
  • Mahida
    Gold and diamond mining operations make Mahdia an important commercial hub in the Potaro-Siparuni region of Guyana. The small town, with less than 600 households, is a reflection of typical hinterland landscape and living. Mahdia’s main highlight is the Denham Suspension Bridge, named after a colonial Governor Sir Edward Denham. It is also the gateway to the overland trek to Kaieteur Falls. The town comes alive with festivities when the Indigenous Peoples celebrate the Indigenous Heritage Month in September. The La Rose Festival at the end of August is another reason to make a quick stop when travelling from the north to south.
  • Rose Hall
    Located in the East Berbice-Corentyne Region of Guyana, Rose Hall stands east of New Amsterdam along the coast. Once a former hub for Dutch planters, the town is now a commercial centre with a busy market for locals and travellers passing through. Despite being all of 13 square kilometres in size, Rose Hall is also home to the Welfare Centre Ground that has hosted many famous Caribbean cricket events in this region.
  • Mabaruma
    Located close to the Venezuelan border close to the Aruka River, Mabaruma’s charm lies in its address on a narrow plateau, surrounded by pristine dense rainforest all around. Those who like lesser explored communities will love its proximity to nature and the local lifestyle dominated by fishing and farming. It also has an attractive cultural mix of indigenous peoples with Arawaks, Caribs and Warraus all living in the area.

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