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Bartica Regatta

What’s not to love about a Sunday that involves powerboat racing, a beauty pageant, and international musicians lighting up the stage? The Essequibo River along Bartica transforms from a serene sprawl of water to a highway with zipping boats, during the annual regatta. It’s not only the love for speedboats that brings people to the festival. The fun and excitement revolve around food, drinks, a kids’ fair and a Gospel Fest too.

The event started in 1947 when the captain of a yacht sailing in the Atlantic drifted to Bartica by chance. Finding the perfect patch to zip through the wide Essequibo, he regaled locals by racing the boat up and down the river. The thrilling show was too much to resist, so naturally, others joined in as well. Looking for a cultural vacation in Guyana? Don’t miss the great boating spectacle on the Easter Weekend in the riverside town of Bartica.

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