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Indigenous Peoples worldwide have been living in harmony with nature for millennia. Collectively, they manage or have tenure rights over a quarter of the world’s land surface, yet they have responsibility for 80% of its biodiversity. In Guyana, the percentage is much higher. Indigenous Peoples primarily reside in the interior, comprising more than 90% of the country’s land mass. The value of the biodiversity, ethnobotany, and heritage of the hinterland is priceless. These rich natural and cultural ecosystems have attracted explorers for hundreds of years. peaks. Many of the lands managed by Guyana’s Indigenous Peoples are voluntarily protected by local communities. These communities have made an effort to protect fragile wildlife habitats, contain human influence, and maintain ancient traditional practices to conserve these areas, all while educating visitors on their critical role in helping to protect the lungs of the planet.

Things To Do And See

Konashen Community-Owned Conservation Area


Surama Rainforest

Rewa River Watershed & Apoteri Tribal Waters

The South Rupununi Conservation Society and Karasabai

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