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The Corriverton (Berbice) region occupies the northeast part of Guyana bordering Suriname, with a namesake river that flows through it before it reaches the Atlantic Ocean. It is home to three towns – New Amsterdam, Rose Hall and Corriverton and a cluster of villages including Port Mourant, Limlair and Skeldon. Travellers who visit Corriverton can see remnants of the Dutch heritage in beautiful colonial architecture and historic sites. The region is also home to once thriving sugar plantations, namely the Albion-Rose Hall Estate and the Blairmont Estate, that can still be visited. Corriverton is one of the top places to see in Guyana. So make it a point to explore villages, patches of forest and a cache of colonial architecture in this beautiful ancient county. Corriverton is also the closest base to travel to Suriname, if you are looking to cover the 3 Guianas. Find itineraries for Corriverton here.

Getting To And Around

Corriverton has ample connectivity with Georgetown via different modes of transportation that are easy to book. This is also the closest base to get into Suriname.


The closest airport to Berbice is in Georgetown - Cheddi Jagan International Airport which connects the country to the rest of the world, and the Eugene F. Correia International Airport (formerly known as Ogle) which facilitates travel to Barbados, Suriname and other domestic locations such as Lethem. There are smaller airstrips located throughout the region, however you need special permission from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority to charter a flight to these locations.


This is the most popular mode for visiting Corriverton. Plenty of mini buses and taxis connect Georgetown to major towns within Berbice. Many travellers opt to rent a vehicle to explore the landscape at their own leisurely pace. You get a chance to wend along the coastal road and stop at bustling village squares on the way. Keep in mind that you have to cross over the Berbice Bridge. You can view their daily retraction schedule here.


A few ferries ply between other coastal and riverside destinations and Berbice. New Amsterdam and Suriname are the major points of connections. Regular ferries run between Suriname and Corentyne, but are weather dependent.

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