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The Essequibo River Region

As the largest river in Guyana, the Essequibo has a long and winding journey of over 1000 miles from the Acarai Mountains near the border with Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean. Along its path, its many tributaries enrich an unrivalled ecosystem of waterfalls, rainforest and amazing wildlife. After circling around hundreds of islands, this remarkable river skirts the town of Parika for the last few miles before draining into the vast ocean.

Getting To And Around

The most popular way to get to and explore this region is a combination of road and river. However, several options are available.


You can charter a small aircraft from link Eugene F. Correia International Airport in Ogle to an airstrip located near Baganara Island Resort or the Bartica Airstrip. While a lot of visitors opt to fly into Baganara, few fly into link Bartica.


Take a 45-60 minute drive from the capital city of Georgetown along the Atlantic coastline. You will cross the expansive Demerara Harbour Bridge. Be sure to check the Retraction Schedule in advance to avoid any unnecessary delays. Continue your journey just a little further, and you will reach the town of Parika - this is one of the main access points to the Essequibo River and Essequibo Coast region.


The best way to explore a river is by boat. After you have landed at the Parika Stelling, you can take a ferry across the river to the islands in the mouth of the river and onto the Essequibo Coast, or you can take a small jet boat and explore the forts and nature resorts that populate the islands in the river. Old Fort Tours, Evergreen Adventures, and Dragon Tours offer day-long river tours of the islands.

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