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Iwokrama Rainforest Reserve

The Iwokrama Protected region covers 3,710 square kilometres (almost a million acres) – an area so massive that it is hard to imagine its complete span. It is often referred to as the ‘Green Heart of Guyana’ for being the largest continuous woodland area and home to the best of nature – exotic wildlife, numerous bird species and a diversity of plant life. Many of the ‘giants’ of Guyana can be found here, along with an abundance of marine life thanks to the Essequibo, which runs along the forest, livening up the ecosystem. This was once the land of Makushis, where they hunted, fished and gathered food. History lovers will be happy to see scenes from their lives, depicted in petroglyphs around the region and hear stories from the source, as many Makushis from neighbouring Fairview Village work in Iwokrama. Little disturbed stretches of this virgin forest can be explored from different eco-lodges in the forest. Iwokrama’s biodiversity makes it one of the best wildlife destinations of South America.

Getting To And Around

Iwokrama Reserve is connected by air and road and can be accessed from many of the major towns in Guyana.


The closest airstrip to Iwokrama lies in Fairview Village, which falls in the middle of the Georgetown-Lethem route. Multiple domestic airlines offer charter flights, which allows for quick 45-minute transfers and day trips as well.


Regional buses, private mini buses and 4x4 vehicles are the best way to travel the 6-8 hour journey from the capital city of the country, Georgetown. This journey is quite a bit longer than a quick flight, but is the best way to see the rainforest up close and personal.


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