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Kanuku Mountain Range

As one of the wildest and remotest regions of Guyana, the Kanuku Mountains amp up the adventure quotient on several accounts. The forest is home to 60% of all bird species found in Guyana and over 150 mammals – a single stop for your wildlife curiosity. Arresting sights guaranteed in this vibrant protected land include harpy eagles, jaguars, armadillos, giant river otters, giant anteaters and a healthy population of arapaima in the rivers. It’s no wonder the Wapishanas named the region ‘Kanuku’, which simply translates to ‘rich forest.’ Kanuku is one of the last remaining intact Amazonian habitats and one of the most beautiful places in South America.

Getting To And Around

Rising out of the Rupununi savannahs, the mountains are accessible via Lethem. Via the most direct overland route, the last mile of connectivity is slightly challenging unless you are travelling via 4×4.


The Lethem airstrip located in the middle of the town has regular flights from the Eugene F. Correia International Airport (Ogle) from Georgetown. You can hop on a regularly scheduled flight from Trans Guyana Airways or Air Services Limited, or you can charter a flight to one of the remote indigenous villages that surround the Kanaku Mountains.


Regional buses, private minibuses and 4x4 vehicles can get you the closest to the Kanuku Mountains and most of the tour operators that serve the Rupununi region can take you there.


A more adventurous option is to travel into the heart of the Kanuku Mountains by boat. Several outfitters including Guyana Truly Wild offer multi-day excursions into remote wilderness camps like Mapari Wilderness Camp.


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