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Located at the border of Brazil, Lethem is home to the annual rodeo action during the Rupununi Rodeo at Easter. Characterised by laterite roads flanked by golden brown savannahs, massive termite hills and rainforests, Lethem is the gateway to the Rupununi region. Use the town as your starting point to explore cattle-filled ranches and some of the best community-led and owned ecolodges of the world. Bird and wildlife must sees like the Red Siskin, Harpy Eagle, giant anteater, giant otter, anaconda and others, make sure that the travellers cannot get enough of the region.

Getting To And Around

Lethem is the main jumping off point to explore the North, Central and South Rupununi. It is connected to Georgetown via different modes of transportation, however air is usually preferred by travellers.


The easiest and quickest way to get here is by a 60-90 minute flight depending on the aircraft. The Lethem Airport in the middle of the town has regular flights from the Eugene F. Correia International Airport (Ogle) in Georgetown serviced by Air Services Limited and Trans Guyana Airways. You can also book chartered flights with JAGS Aviation, Roraima Airways and Wings Aviation.


Though not the quickest option, travelling by road gives you the feeling of being immersed in the forest. It takes 12-16 hours through rainforest and savannah-flanked roads from Georgetown to Lethem. Minibuses and 4x4 vehicles are the main types of vehicles used to traverse these roads. It is not recommended to travel by road during the green season as the heavy rainfalls flood some areas of the road making it difficult to pass. To move around Lethem, taxis and two wheelers can be hired and are the best mode of transportation. Brazilian bus company, Amatur, also recently started service from Georgetown to Lethem for those who prefer to travel in larger vehicles rather than via mini bus or 4x4.


The Essequibo and its tributaries run through the Rupununi region, ideal for boat journeys that allow taking in nature and wildlife along the way. Though you cannot easily get directly to Lethem, they do get you very close.

Shopping & Nightlife

Rupununi Weaver Society

Don & Shirley’s Airport Bar

Hopping over to Brazil


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