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Dust off that cowboy hat and your boots, and saddle up! This is going to be a ride (or trot, if you will) of a lifetime. Check-in at some of the oldest and most iconic working ranches in the Rupununi to experience life in a typical cattle farm. Saddle Mountain, Wichabai, and Dadanawa, which used to be the largest ranch in the world at one point of time, are a few of the best places to stay. The vast feeding grounds, vegetable gardens and cassava farmlands truly celebrate the Rupununi landscape. Riding into the sunset may be on your mind, but also be prepared to herd the cows back, clean them and feed the pigs and poultry. If none of that is up your alley, saddle up your horse and go for another memorable ride. Read more about the Rupununi ranches here.

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