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Shea Rock

Shea Rock is a mammoth granite feature rising 676 feet above the grasslands of the South Rupununi. The distinct rock outcrop is of great prominence in the lives of the Wapishana indigenous community, which is situated around Shea Rock. They are the ones who christened it, ‘Shea’, which translates to ‘swelling.’ Several legends surround the rock. Some say that many years ago there was an epidemic in the region, and sacrifices were made to the mountain in an effort to curtail the illnesses. What is known is that Shea Rock is a sacred site. Elders are known to say a prayer as they pass it.

Getting To And Around

The closest major nodal city to Shea is the city of Lethem. Travellers can base themselves at Wichabai Ranch & Guest Houses and enjoy the short hike to the top.


The Lethem airstrip located in the middle of the town has regular flights from the Eugene F. Correia International Airport from Georgetown. You can hop on a regularly scheduled flight from \Trans Guyana Airways or Air Services Limited or charter a flight.


Regional buses, private minibuses and 4x4 vehicles can get you to Shea Village.



Shea Rock makes for an excellent half-day or full-day excursion depending on where you overnight. The namesake village is connected by a wild 4×4 trail. The traditional clay brick and thatched homes of the Wapishanas and vast grasslands greet travellers at the end of the “trail”. From here, an easy 20-30 minutes hike lands one on top of the peak, from where stunning views of the Kanuku Mountains, Bottle Mountain and Shiriri Mountain are a great reward.

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