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Mount Roraima

Want to feel on top of the world where the craggy peaks meet the clouds? The 2-billion-year-old Mount Roraima is where you should be head. Made famous for inspiring Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel, ‘The Lost World’, and more recently Disney’s Pixar film, Up, the mountain rises more than 9200 feet above the ground making it the tallest peak of the country. Roraima, a massive tepui (table-top mountain), lies on the Guyana Shield and its sandstone cliffs ride straight up from the lush rainforests all around. At the peak, the vegetation is scanty, yet the vast majority of species of fauna exist only on tepuis like Roraima. This magical landscape features surreal rock formations, the quartz crystals of Crystals Valley, and endemic orchids, carnivorous plants, and the intriguing Roraima bush toad. Mount Roraima is definitely a must-see destination in Guyana.

Getting To And Around

Mount Roraima can be accessed through Guyana, Venezuela or Brazil. In Guyana, one of the best options is to visit Paruima, which provides access to the base of the mountain. Since its sheer cliff walls can only be scaled by expert climbers, the second-best option is to charter a helicopter ride to the top or have the pilot on your charter flight fly by the mountain.


To get to the top of Mount Roraima, you have to charter a helicopter from Air Services Limited for a specialised tour. Bushmasters is the only tour operator that currently offers these tours. Other than that, you do get a good glimpse of the tepui if you are flying through nearby areas or if you charter a flight to Paruima where there is a small airstrip that provides relatively easy access to Guyana’s “Lost World” region.


Other than traversing a seldom-travelled trail, there is currently no overland route to reach the base of Mount Roraima through Guyana by road. The jungle is very dense in the region. But you can access Mount Roraima overland through Brazil and into Venezuela where there is an option to take a multi-day trek to the top of the mountain.


Camping Overnight

A night spent on top of Mount Roraima is the experience of a lifetime. Very few have done this on the Guyana side of the mountain. The preferred method is to helicopter to the mountain top, set up camp and spent a couple of days exploring the otherworldly landscape by day and sleeping at the top of the peak at night. You can watch the sun rise and set, and even try your hand at abseiling or rock climbing on the edge with Bushmasters, a professional outfitter with the equipment and expertise to lead this activity.

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Biodiversity at Mount Roraima

Table-topped tepuis are found only in the Guiana Highlands of South America. 70% of the flora and fauna found on top of Mount Roraima is unique to these tepuis and one-third is endemic. The carnivorous pitcher plants and the Roraima bush toad – a tiny black frog with a yellow body found only on Roraima – often lie on top of the list for nature enthusiasts. The elusive brown-nosed coati is also said to live in these parts. Hummingbirds, tiny parrots and nocturnal oilbirds are some of the many species that are found in the region, making this one of the top wildlife destinations in the world for rare and endemic species.

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Explore the ‘The Lost World’

One of the oldest rock formations on the earth, Mount Roraima is said to be the inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Novel, ‘The Lost World’. It is believed that his novel was inspired by endemic fauna and flora of tepuis, and that they represent the remnants of ancient species from the age of dinosaurs. Some hypotheses also claim that the mountain is not a natural formation but has an artificial origin from an unknown civilization. This region is way off-the-beaten-path, but like most far-flung destinations is highly rewarding. Trails to the base of the prow of Roraima are accessible from Paruima, as are the stunning Oshi Falls, and Kamarang Falls which compete with the grandeur of Kaieteur. Bushmasters is the only operator that currently serves this remote region, and they know it well.

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