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Mount Roraima

Want to feel on top of the world where the craggy peaks meet the clouds? The 2-billion-year-old Mount Roraima is where you should be head. Made famous for inspiring Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel, ‘The Lost World’, and more recently Disney’s Pixar film, Up, the mountain rises more than 9200 feet above the ground making it the tallest peak of the country. Roraima, a massive tepui (table-top mountain), lies on the Guyana Shield and its sandstone cliffs ride straight up from the lush rainforests all around. At the peak, the vegetation is scanty, yet the vast majority of species of fauna exist only on tepuis like Roraima. This magical landscape features surreal rock formations, the quartz crystals of Crystals Valley, and endemic orchids, carnivorous plants, and the intriguing Roraima bush toad. Mount Roraima is definitely a must-see destination in Guyana.

Getting To And Around

Mount Roraima can be accessed through Guyana, Venezuela or Brazil. In Guyana, one of the best options is to visit Paruima, which provides access to the base of the mountain. Since its sheer cliff walls can only be scaled by expert climbers, the second-best option is to charter a helicopter ride to the top or have the pilot on your charter flight fly by the mountain.


To get to the top of Mount Roraima, you have to charter a helicopter from Air Services Limited for a specialised tour. Bushmasters is the only tour operator that currently offers these tours. Other than that, you do get a good glimpse of the tepui if you are flying through nearby areas or if you charter a flight to Paruima where there is a small airstrip that provides relatively easy access to Guyana’s “Lost World” region.


Other than traversing a seldom-travelled trail, there is currently no overland route to reach the base of Mount Roraima through Guyana by road. The jungle is very dense in the region. But you can access Mount Roraima overland through Brazil and into Venezuela where there is an option to take a multi-day trek to the top of the mountain.


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