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Nappi & Aishalton Villages

Located 32km from Lethem, this indigenous village of the Makushi people spreads from the Rupununi grasslands to the edge of the Kanuku Mountains Protected Area. While the locals are great hunters, fishermen and farmers, it is their skill as master craftsmen, that makes the village famous. Visit here to see the making of balata craftwork. Balata is a latex that is milked from the Bullet Tree to fashion into figurines.

Aishalton is an indigenous village that is home to the Wapishana peoples and situated in the South Rupununi. It is home to Makatau mountain, which is one of Guyana’s most well-known archaeological sites. There are nearly 700 elaborate petroglyphs that are representations of humans, animals and plants as well as geometric arrangements and estimated to be 3000–5000 years old. The community offers rustic accommodation for those looking to stay overnight.

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