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There are a number of places to detour from Corriverton.

  • Orealla
    Corriverton is the gateway to Berbice’s pristine off-the beaten-path landscape and the laidback indigenous village of Orealla for a day or overnight visit. Taking a boat 80 kilometers up along the river is an ideal way of seeing life around the banks and get a flavour of local life in close proximity to flora and fauna. This is the perfect place to see humans and nature coexist with ease. Hiking trails keep you active if you want, otherwise slipping into holiday lethargy is a great option too.
  • Suriname
    A 17th trading post for the Dutch, Suriname is not only adjacent in location to Guyana, but also shares the same vibe and colonial and sugarcane history, yet it is has its own distinctive culture. Travel rewards lie in colonial remnants in churches and chapels, and a shared natural landscape of tropical forests, flora and fauna. The country has a vibrant community of Indigenous People, and other ethnic, religious, and linguistic groups including the Maroons and Javanese.
  • Zambi Islands, Cow Falls and Wanotobo
    This circuit includes off-the-beaten-path travel destinations that are rarely visited by tourists. If that appeals to your adventurous side, then you can explore miles of protected lands dotted with sandbanks, waterfalls, lakes and beaches. Glide in the Corentyne waters to reach Cow Falls Resort for a complete ‘back-to-nature’ experience. Camping at Zambi Island, birdwatching, swimming in blackwater creeks, fishing for lukananis and exploring the forests around are highlights here.

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