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Pakaraima Mountain Range

The Pakaraima Mountain Range on the western edge of Guyana, extending for 400 kilometres, is home to the famous Mount Roraima and is where thrill-seekers head to maneuver their 4×4 vehicles over week-long safaris. This mountain range offers some of the most adventurous experiences in Guyana. Here, you can stay at remote hilltop villages for the night or hang your hammock in places that have a ‘middle of nowhere’ appeal. Wildlife and birding enthusiasts visit for reasons that are more sedate. The untouched folds of these mountains have the highest level of plant endemism in Guyana and are home to some of the grandest waterfalls in the country.

Getting To And Around

The only way to get around the Pakaraimas is by 4×4 vehicles or via regularly scheduled or charter flights to airstrips in remote villages that are within or close to the mountain range.


You can charter a small plane from the Eugene F. Correia International Airport in Georgetown to the small airstrips in the villages of Annai or Karasabai. Alternatively, Evergreen Adventures and Roraima Tours offer day trips to Orinduik Falls, which is set amid the rolling, grass-covered hills of the Pakaraima. These tours include a visit to Kaieteur National Park as well. From the airstrips, you can take a 4x4 vehicle and drive to lodges and villages where you are staying.


A few regional buses and private minibuses offer services in the Pakaraimas. For those who are looking to get around by road, hiring a 4x4 vehicle in Lethem, joining the annual safari with Rainforest Tours, or securing an outfitter or tour operator’s services is recommended.


Exploring Pakaraimas on the 4X4

Combine your love for off road travel with rough terrain and you get ‘real adventure’! The annual Pakaraima Mountain Safari is an 8-day self-drive through the Pakaraimas, covering far-flung villages and challenging 4×4 terrain through deep-set forests and vast open savannahs. See what the indigenous lifestyle is like in remote villages that host you along the way. After a hard day on the 4×4 trail and a hearty meal, hang your hammock and fall asleep gazing at the star-filled skies. Dip your feet in the Orinduik Falls for a cool relaxing break as one of many highlights. It is your chance to meet like-minded adventure enthusiasts, as everyone meanders from Georgetown to Lethem, just in time for the Rupununi Rodeo.

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Village Life

The abundance resources of the Pakaraimas have attracted Indigenous Peoples for millennia. Visiting them is a wonderful way to experience their legendary hospitality in the most remote corners of Guyana. Many of the communities in the mountains offer basic lodging, meals, and sell local handicrafts that you can take back as souvenirs. Staying in these villages directly benefits community tourism efforts and provides access to some of the best and most rewarding cultural experiences in the country.

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Wildlife in the Pakaraimas

The varied elevations and ecosystems from the grasslands and rainforests to the mountaintops, along with waterfall-laden creeks, offer a great home for wildlife. Close encounters with small mammals and giant species are not uncommon when you are traversing through the dense forested mountains and valleys. Jaguars, anteaters, labbas and tapirs are commonly found in the Pakaraimas. Mammals and birds may be elusive at first, but patiently waiting in the right spots in the company of a local guide will often result in spotting them, especially during dawn and dusk. The Pakaraima Mountain Inn is the perfect retreat for those who want to stay and explore the mountains.

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Birding in the Pakaraimas

The diverse landscape of the Pakaraimas is home to a number of avian species. Karasabai Village, located in the heart of the mountains, has been identified as a birding hotspot largely due to the community’s efforts to protect the sun parakeet. The community Guest House and Kezee Eco Lodge here provide a good base to explore the mountains via hiking trails, that award a tryst with birds like the Cinereous Mourner, Finsch’s Euphonia, Reddish Hermit, Rufous-bellied Antwren, Green-tailed and Yellow-billed Jacamar, as well as the star bird – the Sun Parakeet. Karasabai lies only 2.5 hours from Lethem, making it an excellent detour for birders.

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Waterfalls of the Pakaraimas

Some of the most spectacular waterfalls on the planet are found in the Pakaraimas. The most popular is the most accessible. Orinduik Falls is a tiered waterfall found on the Ireng River on the border of Brazil amid the Pakaraima foothills. It thunders over red jasper rock terraces. It is popular not only for its accessibility but also for its beauty and the fact you can swim in some of the natural pools. It is also safe to get under some of the falls and have a natural water massage.

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