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Craft wine is a whole new genre that is sure to excite wine connoisseurs. At Pandama Retreat and Winery, you can choose from the tropical flavours of Guyana and a host of other tonics, herbal wines and natural vinegars. Unique flavours include Pineapple, Jamoon, Aunty Desmond, Noni, Cherry, Malacca Pear, Duka, Carambola and Sorrel. Pandama was founded by Warren and Tracy Douglas who wanted to bring the flavours of exotic Guyanese fruits to the bottle. For those who want to ‘get away and get in touch with themselves’ the retreat is an excellent option to unwind as a day or overnight trip in the midst of nature.

Some of the other villages that one can explore are:

  • Moraikobai Village
    Found along the upper banks of the Mahaicony River, the Indigenous Village of Moraikobai is home to 500+ Arawaks. The origin of the name comes from two words, ‘Mora’ meaning tree and ‘Coba’ meaning stump. One of the newer communities embarking on launching an eco-lodge that is owned and managed by the community like those on the North Rupununi, Moraikobai offers rustic lodging and great cultural activities, birding, and recreational fishing experiences close to Georgetown.
  • Black Water Creeks
    If you’re looking for a uniquely Guyanese experience, the refreshing black water creeks along the Soesdyke/Linden Highway are not to be missed. From very basic to fully equipped with benabs, washroom facilities, shops, and play areas for children, Hauraruni creek, Umbrella Resort, Splashmin’s Resort and Eco Park and Yarrowkabra creek are hotspots for recreation and are packed most every weekend and holiday with families picnicking, barbecuing and swimming.
  • Pakuri Village (formerly St. Cuthbert’s Mission)
    Guyana’s Indigenous population is spread all over the country. For a close look at the life in a typical Arawak village, head south of Georgetown to Pakuri Village. Located at the edge of the Mahaica River, the 200-home village is blessed with the best of nature and offers a few different rustic lodging options. The Arawaks live a mindful life in sync with nature, which makes a visit a truly rewarding experience.

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