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Shulinab Village & Rupununi Natural Cashew Enterprise

The ideal rustic inclusion to a trip in South Rupununi, use Shulinab as a base to experience village life at close quarters. This includes meeting the village head (Toschao), and securing his permission and paying for entrance into the community. Shulinab is an excellent locale to see farming and livestock rearing, and hitting the outdoors, swimming in a local creek or muscling it to the Bone and Skull Mountain over a day’s hike. Either way, there is a hammock waiting to be occupied in a breezy benab of a home, when you come back.

Not too far from the Shulainab Village, theRupununi Natural Cashew Enterprise, a cashew and peanut roasting plant, stands in the historic village of St. Ignatius. This is where the first rodeo of the Rupununi was held decades ago. The plant is worth a visit to see the community run project called Helping Hands Women’s Group. You’re likely to find the tasty spoils of the plant at eco-lodges around the Rupununi.
Timings: 8.30am-12pm and 1-4.30pm (Mon-Fri), 8am-12pm (Sat); Entry Fee: Free

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